August G…uest #9: Just Call Me Martha Stewart, In Another Reality

AngelaMiconi Please meet lovely Angela @ Hot Mess Memoir

I am so excited to guest blog on Esmé’s blog….about cooking. This is somewhat ironic since my culinary skills are on par with a soldier ripping open an M.R.E.  It’s not lost on me that I grew up in an Italian family who owned multiple Italian restaurants for around 25 years. Nor the fact that my father could cook like a boss and I am now a Food Buyer for a food distribution company. 

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August G…uest #8: Zwetschgendatschi ala Oma

Ella Please meet another wonderful August G…uest Blogger: Ella @ My Favorite Recipes

Zwetschgendatschi is the Bavarian word for plum-cake. The dessert/cake uses Damson plums, which are only in season for a few weeks each year.  Continue reading

August G…uest #7: Children – Teaching, Reading, Storytelling, and More

Jennie Meet Jennie @ A Teacher’s Reflections
Thank you, Esmé, for having me as a guest on your wonderful blog.  First, let me introduce myself.  I am Jennie, a long time preschool teacher, 30+ years is definitely a long time, and… well, that’s what I want to talk about.

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Blog of the Day: The Recipe Hunter!

A big thank you for the wonderful Suzie Speaks for this post on her blog.
Hop over to her @ and read all about her and check out all her awesome and inspiring posts..

Suzie Speaks

Meet Esmé! She’s the creator of The Recipe Hunter: Cook and Enjoy, a blog dedicated to beautiful recipes of lots of different types of foods.

She loves to share her passion with cooking and experimenting with different dishes and her blog is wealth of knowledge of all things food! I love the fact that The Recipe Hunter follows a ‘tried and tested’ premise, which not only tests different recipes from a personal perspective, but gives honest reviews as to the success level of the instructions, as well as giving credit and promotion to others within the food blogging world. I always like it when I see the blog love being shared around! I also like the fact that she includes photographs of her results – as someone who enjoys cooking it helps me to feel more confident about trying new recipes and I can see what the dish is…

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August G…uest #4: I love to cook!

Well, I certainly do.  Not always easy here as I can’t always get the ingredients I need so I am a master at research and finding alternatives. Wikipedia Carol is my new name, lol , Some lady who shall be nameless tagged me with that handle. You know who you are, lol Continue reading

August 2017 “G…”

A, B, C, D, E, F ….. let me   think, could it possibly be that we have to go for g.

What would you have chosen for g ?
Let’s try something a tad different!  Would you like to write your own post?

I have been going around in circles, and eventually decided that I WILL deviate as mentioned last month.

You may say, I am totally goofy and you’re correct (please keep this bit it to yourself), so let’s try guest posting for August.

How will this be done?   You have to email me @ if you’re interested in this Goofy Guest Posting business, and I will send you an invite and you will write your very own post on my blog!  Do you like this idea of you writing.jpg your own post and I will publish it for you???

  1. It’s weekend, so I have decided that due to the deviation, I am releasing this post early, in order to provide each of you more time to get your post ready.
  2. Please email me at your earliest convenience @ then I will send you the invite.
  3. You follow the link, accept the invitation, and then you will have access to write your own post.
  4. You will email me any images you wish to use and let me know where it will fit into your post, and I will add it on your behalf.  The reason for this is that the invite (as per WP) unfortunately does not allow you to add your own images/pictures.
  5. I respectfully ask, when you send me the images, to add a picture of yourself, and I will use this with your permission as part of the post. I will understand if you do not wish to have your picture published, but it will be highly appreciated.
  6. Each post will be reviewed, approved and publish at my sole discretion on The Recipe Hunter blog.
  7. To be fair to all, I will only be able to accept one.pngpost per blogger, as I would like to give as many of you the opportunity to do a guest post.
  8. The sooner you send in your email request to and do your post, it will be published.  I will publish Guest posts every day for the rest of the month of August, depending on the amount I receive, so it will be on a first come first serve basis.  The last post will be published on August 31st, 2017.
  9. After I published your post, you will have 48 hours to promote and do a post/reblog on your own blog, linking back to the original post – this is necessary.jpg

Yes, I do have a few simpleTRH rules you need to follow:

  • You can choose ANY theme, whatever you blog about, and promote your own blog in this way.
  • BUT:  No racist posts, porn, slander, foul language in a post will be approved.
  • I, The Recipe Hunter, will have the final decision and will be the one to approve and publish your post.
  • Please contact me should you require any further information.

As always, please remember, the subject line of your email, should be marked as follows: August 2017 – guest post.

I am looking forward to as many as possibleg uest posts.
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