Vegan Banana and Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Vegan Banana and Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Naturally sweetened and dairy-free
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Es’s Mango and Blackberry Popsicle

TRH Es's Mango and Blackberry Popsickles

2 fresh mangos,  cut into cubes
1 cup plain Greek Yoghurt
4 Tbsp Maple Syrup (depending on taste and sweetness of mangos) Continue reading

Sean’s Keto sorbet (or no bake petits fours)

trh Sean's Keto sorbet

Using different silicon moulds brings out the creativity of this recipe.
By refrigerating it and using rectangular moulds you can make cute petits fours. By using funky moulds and freezing it you get a sorbet type texture. Flavour it with various extracts (make sure they have no added sugar) to create more fun. In this case I did strawberry flavour. Continue reading

Spiced whole orange and almond cake, spiced orange segments and a decent doff of pumpkin spiced cointreau cream

GUEST POSTER – Recipe courtesy and by approval of ice cream magazine
Guest Blogger: ice cream magazine Link: Original Post

The kitchen is usually gifted with a bowl of citrus and the glow of orange is fairly essential through all the seasons.  Sometime as key players, often to garnish or to lift a dish with juice and the wondrous, highly fragrant, sweet oily zest which so often brightens dishes and cocktails. Once armed with a sharp knife even a tired old bowl of citrus comes back to life, zested and the succulent textured segments are removed from tiring, bitter, pithy over coats it’s party time for the palette and Mojitos for the rest!

Spiced whole orange



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Double Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

GUEST POSTER – Recipe courtesy and by approval of koolkosherkitchen
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I have these old demitasse cups that we hardly ever take out, so I put them to good use. I portioned out my ice cream, topped it with chocolate chips, and put it into the freezer. Of course when the little munchkin grandkids come to visit, I use small paper cups they can hold in their grubby little paws, squeeze up and lick rather than bother with a spoon. Note: lolly-pop molds are not a bad idea, but when the little ones are around, it’s a lost cause!

individual portions


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Neerasha’s Rasberry and Strawberry ripple ice cream

TRH Neerasha's Rasberry and Strawberry ripple ice cream
500ml double cream
500ml water
1/2 a vanilla pod split
1/2 a tsp rose water(you could add more if you want)

Place the above Ingredients in a pot and simmer over gentle heat. Remove when small bubbles appear set aside.
In a bowl separate 2 eggs we only use the egg yolk.
To the egg yolk add 8 tsp Xylitol and mix.
Add half the mixture to the bowl and stir. Now add the rest of the mixture. Be careful not to scramble the eggs when you pour the mixture. Stir quickly to avoid this.
Now return to stove and stir until the mixture starts to get a little thick. It should still be of a pouring consistency.
Strawberry and rasberry coulis:
6 strawberry and 12 rasberry whiz in blender.
Now pour the liquid into a container and add the Strawberry and rasberry mixture to the cream mixture stirring in a figure of 8.
Now place in fridge stirring every two hours until it thickens.
You can enjoy as a treat.😘😘😘

Prepared, tried and tested by: Neerasha Singh