Guest: Red Berry and Mango Crown Cake

Please meet Juju @ Roijoyeux our next Guest here at TRH.


He adapted this wonderful cake and modified it to contain no butter, no flour and no refined sugar. Continue reading


Guest Submissions Wanted !

As October flies by I just want to remind all of you views and writers out there that I am taking guest posts for next month. I will be on break preparing for the deep dark winter months and possibly participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). So if you’d like your work and writing […]

via Now Accepting Guest Posts for November — The Ink Owl

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Guest: Stuffed Peppers. My Grandma’s Old School Sicilian Way

Stuffed Peppers

A very good friend reminded me today of stuffed peppers. My grandma would spend 8 hours making her version of stuffed peppers using not only the traditional green peppers but she included red, yellow and orange peppers as well in her recipe. I say recipe but Granny never used a recipe a day in her life. Each and every one of her over 2300 dishes, she made from scratch, using her memory to recreate many of her childhood dishes, taught to her by her mom and grandmom. Continue reading

Sauces and chutneys from around the world


Hello again. I hope you enjoyed my post on Bread last month…Have you tried any of the recipes yet…If so it would be lovely to hear from you how they turned out or even better if you shared them on TRH Facebook group we would love to see you there. Continue reading

Guest Post: Cooking and Baking – A little bit of everything

What an honor to be a Guest and share some Home-made Tried and Tested Recipes with Crystal and her friends.
Please visit her and see what she has in store for you over at her blog. ♥



Hello everyone, I would like to welcome Esmé from The Recipe Hunter.  She will be doing a guest post for us today and her subject is cooking. She will be sharing with us today some of her favorite recipes that she has tried and tested in her own kitchen.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Crystal for the wonderful invite and opportunity to be a Guest on her awesome blog.  This is a huge honor and I hope you will enjoy the variety of dishes I am about to share with you.

Oh, maybe I should introduce myself.  My name is Esmé and my blog is a compilation of home-made tried and tested recipes from around the Globe and you can visit and follow my Blog @ The Recipe Hunter! as well as join, follow and share your very own home-made tried and tested recipes with…

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Meet Esme, the woman who hunts recipes.

A huge and BIG THANK YOU to the Dude’s and Shey, Awesome, wonderful and out of this world! I am in awe of this post and will never ever be able to thank each and every one of you enough. You rock as hamsters!!
What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift you have given me by sharing this post today!! ♥ ♥ you all.
Please remember, “Sharing is Caring” so whenever you want to share more, just let the “hunter” know and I am happy to share away!!!

shehanne moore

loves to share her passion to cook, bake and experiment in the kitchen.

 This is her way of relaxing after a long and hard week in the office, and if you wish to call it her  ‘retail therapy’, please do .

Esme : Thank you for the compliment, although I was not involved in the decision making of naming myself, I accept the compliment on bahalf of my belated parents.  The rumor goes that it’s a name that Mom and Dad fancied and then named me as such, but later I found the following explanation for my name:-

Esmé is a French given name.

Esme may also refer to:

  • Esme, a town in Turkey
  • Esme(genus), a genus of damselfly
  • “Esmé”, a story by Saki
  • “Esme”, a song on the Joanna Newsom album Have One on Me, and its titular character


 Esmé or Esmée is a French given…

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