Sandy’s Home-Made Chilli Bites

TRH Sandy's Home Made Chilli Bites

It’s a brrrrr, wet and cold day in Durban, South Africa and kicking off my morning, I decided to make my home-made chilli bites mixture using a different variation of ingredients which I don’t usually use as I didn’t have enough gram flour (pea flour), but the results are equally successful, it’s very delicious,  a not oily chillie bite, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Continue reading

Sandy’s Boneless Chicken Curry

TRH Sandy's Boneless Chicken Curry 4

Being an extended Easter holiday here in South Africa today, NOT all of us were on leave, I had to very early, quickly prepare this meal for my kids before heading to work, this is my quick and easy boneless chicken curry with a basic Rice Pilau. Continue reading