Melenie’s Eat Sum More Choc Chip Shortbread

Eat Sum More Choc Chip Shortbread
Melt in the Mouth Choc Chip Shortbread!
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Guest: The Way Banana Crumbles

I am delighted to welcome my dear friend Dolly @ koolkosherkitchen back here again as a Guest.  Please friends, you just have to check out her blog and follow her, you will not be disappointed.

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Bobby’s Nigella’s White Chocolate Cheesecake

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Like everyone on this planet and all the other planets that make up the universe, I LOVE cheesecake, any shape, and any size, if it is cheesecake, then you can bet your last penny, that I will have named and claimed it before you can even say “cheesecake.” Continue reading