Bobby’s Escalloped Cabbage

Escalloped Cabbage

Every week, I somehow manage to land up with a cabbage and of late I always get the giant cabbages. I either leave the cabbage to die in the fridge or I land up boiling it till soft and then braise it. Continue reading


Melanie’s Roti and Chicken Curry with Peas 

Melanie's Roti

I so wanted to try Eshana’s creamy curry chicken but was told in no uncertain terms that I must ‘try’ out new things during the week when I’m bored because they’re used to coming home from work not knowing what to expect but Sunday’s they’ve come to expect Chicken Curry with Peas which I’ve long stopped posting, but I came across the most softest roti recipe and well me and roti is just another story – so I’m sharing both. Continue reading