Es’s Vegan Christmas “Cake”

Vegan Christmas “Cake”

This is my own creation.  I saw a video on the Internet, and only used the idea and totally recreated and Veganized the recipe and used different ingredients to prepare this Vegan  Christmas “Cake”.  It turned out very well, and I am happy with it. Continue reading


Guest: Classic Ratatouille Recipe From “Ratatouille!”

John return to TRH with another Guest Post

John Rieber

Ratatouille From “Ratatouille!”

The recipe for Thomas Keller’s Confit Byaldi, the accordion-fanned version of Ratatouille used in the animated film is available on the French Laundry website, but buy the gorgeous cookbook as well…my friend Michael Ruhlman co-wrote it with him!v Continue reading