Feriel’s Burmese Chicken Soup (Khowse)

TRH Feriel's Burmese Chicken Soup (Khowse)
A rich creamy Burmese soup (khowse)
Last night’s dinner: A South African version of the Burmese dish, khow suey, or as I know it, khowse ser, a traditional noodle dish made with coconut milk, that has a soup like consistency. In South Africa, it is commonly made with chicken. Continue reading

Sean’s Tom ka Gai (Thai coconut chicken) or in this case Duck

TRH Sean's Tom ka Gai (Thai coconut chicken) or in this case duck
Traditionally more of a soup, but by a thickening it up and keto adapting it, it becomes a wonderful main dish. This is a go to favourite of ours on a cold day. Then again it’s a wonderful summer dish as well, served cold or slightly warm. We tend to use duck over chicken as the flavours and fats are so much yummier than chicken. Thus dish is listed with chicken for ease but we substitute duck from the roast Peking duck we do often. Continue reading