Dee’s Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight

Beautiful to behold, sour on the tongue! Continue reading


Thelma’s Mango Pomegranate Kaki Smoothie

Mango Pomegranate Kaki Smoothie

I had a lot of fruits in my fruit bowl in the living room. They were there for a few days as I had not eaten them. I thought, if I wouldn´t make something out of them they would be rotten. So, I made a smoothie and it was delicious.  Continue reading

Green Apple and Avo smoothie

TRH Green apple and avo smoothie

1 green apple – peeled
½ avocado
hand full of baby spinach leaves
Unsweetened coconut milk
3-4 ice cubes

Add all ingredients in the blender and blitz till smooth and silky
Enjoy! Its very refreshing and nutritious on top of that!

Prepared, tried and tested by: The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)