Melanie’s Spicy Meatballs with Spaghetti in Marinara Sauce


I had my usual conversation with a tray of mince last night. Which normally goes along the lines ‘so what are we doing with you tonight’. Anyway, I ended up adapting B-Well’s idea and made Spicy Meatballs stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese and Spaghetti in Marinara sauce.  Continue reading

Melanie’s Hasselback Chicken Stuffed with Blue Cheese, Sundried Tomato & Chilli


There are sooo many different chicken recipes and so I decided to try Hasselback Chicken Breasts. This is one I’ve tried for the first time fooling around with my new Air Fryer. It was a unanimous success. I served with a home made Monkey Gland sauce, crisp Potato Wedges and some Gem Squash.  Continue reading

Melanie’s Creaole Seasoned Fish in Beer Batter


As a child Friday nights was always Fish and chips night but as an adult I couldn’t bear to carry on the tradition, so Friday nights just became take-out night. Until I was asked when last did you make fish and chips. Still reluctant to give in I caved in half way and made the fish – but I instead of chips I still made potatoes – Scalloped Potatoes with Ham (the ham is optional). I also made Tartar sauce, which I hadn’t even heard of way back then.

Continue reading

Melanie’s Pickled Brisket


So Saturday I went to Chinese New Year Festival and only came home at 1 a.m.
I thought there was no way I’m going to prance around early making Sunday lunch, so before I went to bed I just put a Pickled Brisket in a slow cooker on low for 7 hours and went to sleep!
I carried on with the veggies later with surprising results and plenty praises for what I called my healthy boiled food!  Continue reading

Nazley’s Coconut chutney with saute prawns and black pepper & greenpepper infused mini roti’s


COCONUT CHUTNEY (Indian favourite).
2 fresh coconuts peeled and grated. OR 3 cups dry coconut.
2 large onions finely sliced (extra onion nicer).
Salt to taste.
2 green chillies chopped. Continue reading