Dee’s Hummus 

Hummus - my way

Such an enjoyable dip. I often make it and then share the excess with those who truly like it. Continue reading


August G…uest #5: Yabba-Dabba-Doo! Green Garlic Galette!

Dolly Meet Dollykoolkosherkitchen
Neolithic age is New Stone Age, as opposed to Old Stone Age, as opposed to New Age AKA the Age of Aquarius (that was a great song from a phenomenal musical “Hair”). Now that we are all clear on termin
ology, let’s examine the differences. Continue reading

” Tonight we are serving …………”

TRH Tonight we are serving ...........

Just imagine, if we could make a wish and find ourselves all around the same dinner table.  Wouldn’t that be fun???? Continue reading

Hummus with Coriander Pesto

GUEST POSTER – Recipe courtesy and by approval  Chez Le Rêve Français
Guest Blogger: Chez Le Rêve Français Link:  Original Post

I love hummus and in the UK there was a huge array of dips in the supermarkets and at least five types of hummus, of which coriander was my favourite. Can’t you tell? I use it a lot! When we first bought our house here, nearly seven years ago, the supermarkets didn’t seem to stock anything, but this year I have seen as many as four different Greek dips! Even better was when I found some Tahini in the foreign section It was an exciting time!


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Chicken Liver Paté With Port Wine and Pistachios


This is the snack on top of the crackers or biscuits and a glass of wine, open a can of smoked mussels, don’t forget the Camembert or Brie cheese and cut open some delicious ripe figs…and whalaa…you have your own snack platter combo! Cheers! Continue reading