#4: Any Social Media Link – Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet

Please read carefully before leaving a comment !! Today we have an open day, and you can share ANY Social Media link!!

In return, we ask that you visit a minimum of three (3) other friends and be courteous by sharing their links.

Please Twitter  pinterest stumbleupon flipboard  Leave a Comment but you have to share, share and yes, please share, as Sharing is Caring!

When you Twitter please add @SundayMeetGreet as well as @TRH_Cook to your tweet, that way I will be able to also Tweet your post and all of us will gain more exposure.

Please, NO link-dropping and disappearing.

By joining and participating here on Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet, you automatically grant your permission that I am permitted to share your posts and images on social media.

Share and Inspire Others Footer

Have you checked out my new Facebook page? Please like the page, that way I know that I can share your posts as well.  Visit the link above, and you will see that I have already shared a number of posts from fellow bloggers.  As soon as I see you ‘like’ the page, I will share some of your posts.

You can also follow The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy) via Twitter @TRH_Cook@SundayMeetGreet;

See you at our Weekly Meet and Greet linkup every
Sunday on Twitter @SundayMeetGreet



26 thoughts on “#4: Any Social Media Link – Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet

  1. Hi I have a blog that you are all welcome to follow, I have recipes that caters for the meat to the veggie eater and even the vegan eater, I have recipes that are from all walks of life, such western recipes and a whole lot of eastern recipes. Check it out and please follow my blog. http://www.chillibitten28.net or follow me on instagram @chillibitten28 and my facebook page Chilli Bitten 28. Thanks in advance

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  2. Hi All! I will leave a food related link for the group that is in it. https://fancypaperblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/glorious-food-moments-2-dublin-a-city-of-comfort-food-hidden-behind-georgian-doors/
    My blog is http://Www.fancypaperblog.wordpress.com. I blog about my lifestyle as an Irish mother of two girls, living in the Midlands and also holding down a full time job teaching. I talk about cake a lot. A LOT. Looking forward to meeting new people!

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