#2: Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet

14 Jan 18

Are you ready???

When you Tweet remember to add  @SundayMeetGreet as well as @TRH_Cook
Let’s get this show on the road!

The same rules apply each week!  

Let’s do TWITTER twitterthis week, and you submit your twitter handle (mine @SundayMeetGreet as well as @TRH_Cook) and add a post you wish to be tweeted.

In return, when leaving your twitter link, you HAVE to visit a minimum of three (3) other friends that left a link that day.

Please, NO link-dropping and disappearing.

Go, go, go and go tweeting  twitter

By joining and participating here on Sunday Weekly Meet and Greet, you automatically grant your permission that I am permitted to share your posts and images on social media.

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Have you checked out my new Facebook page?

You can also follow The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy) via Twitter @TRH_Cook@SundayMeetGreet;

See you also at our Weekly Meet and Greet linkup every
Sunday on Twitter @SundayMeetGreet



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