Melanie’s Peppermint Crisp Trifle

Peppermint Crisp Trifle
Need I say more? This is the ultimate South African combo – Peppermint Crisp Tart and Trifle – all in one!

Most people made trifle over the festive season or peppermint crisp tart. I decided to combine them both last week and made Peppermint Crisp Trifle. A visitor who had come to collect my guest said she’s not fond of trifle but that it was awesome and had 2 bowls, as did we! Enjoy.

1 Swiss Roll
1 can fruit cocktail
2 different flavored jellies (I used blackcurrant and bubblegum)
4 Tblsp sherry (or use juice from fruit cocktail)
1 carton vanilla custard (I only used half)
250 ml whipping cream
1 can caramel treat
1 slab peppermint aero, crumbled

Crushed tennis biscuits, grated chocolate, assorted jelly babies and chopped pecan nuts


Prepare the two jellies in separate bowls and allow to set in the fridge.
When set, place whipping cream in the freezer while prepping.
Slice Swiss roll and line bottom and sides of a glass bowl.
Sprinkle sherry/juice over.
Add half the fruit cocktail.
Cover with custard.
Add half of each of the jellies.
Beat the cream till thick, add the caramel treat and most of the chocolate and beat till combed.
Pour over the jellies. At this point, you have Carte Blanche to decorate as you desire with peach slices, berries, cherries etc.
I just crushed tennis biscuits over and some grated chocolate and jelly babies 😊
I refrigerated overnight.

Prepared, tried and tested Melanie Kramar

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