Meet Esme, the woman who hunts recipes.

A huge and BIG THANK YOU to the Dude’s and Shey, Awesome, wonderful and out of this world! I am in awe of this post and will never ever be able to thank each and every one of you enough. You rock as hamsters!!
What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift you have given me by sharing this post today!! ♥ ♥ you all.
Please remember, “Sharing is Caring” so whenever you want to share more, just let the “hunter” know and I am happy to share away!!!

shehanne moore

loves to share her passion to cook, bake and experiment in the kitchen.

 This is her way of relaxing after a long and hard week in the office, and if you wish to call it her  ‘retail therapy’, please do .

Esme : Thank you for the compliment, although I was not involved in the decision making of naming myself, I accept the compliment on bahalf of my belated parents.  The rumor goes that it’s a name that Mom and Dad fancied and then named me as such, but later I found the following explanation for my name:-

Esmé is a French given name.

Esme may also refer to:

  • Esme, a town in Turkey
  • Esme(genus), a genus of damselfly
  • “Esmé”, a story by Saki
  • “Esme”, a song on the Joanna Newsom album Have One on Me, and its titular character


 Esmé or Esmée is a French given…

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