August G…uest #10: Hello, I’m Judy

Judy - Edwina's Episodes Please meet Judy and read all about her as she put it: The Blogger, Rhymester and Poet. Looking at life in all it’s glory, and putting my own spin on it, with just a dash of humour thrown in!

Thanks so much to Esmé for inviting me to guest post on her blog. I am thrilled and delighted to be here.

My name is Judy, and I blog over at Edwina’s Episodes which is an eclectic mix of rhymes, haiku, anecdotes and observations. I enjoy writing about a range of everyday topics that many of us can relate to. You know the type of thing when you have had the kind of day where you wished you had just stayed in bed, or perhaps you want to moan about the weather when the rain lashes down just after you have cleaned the car and watered the garden.

Life throws many little niggles our way which can sometimes get us down, but I have found that for me at least, writing a little rhyme about it and seeing the funny side of an awkward situation can sometimes take some of the sting out of it. It then enables me to put it behind me and move along.

A little humour can go a long way in making us feel better about things that might have made us anxious or worried before, and as well as love, laughter makes my world go around.

For those that are not familiar with me, here is a little taster of what my blog is about.

My blog is a bit of a mixture
As I am sure you would no doubt agree
I write about things I find funny
Or stuff that’s important to me
Whether it be food, friends or family
Or my desire to qualify as a nurse
I find that I express myself better
If I can craft it into a verse.
I cover all manner of topics
From housework to Roxy, my dog
And you would be made most welcome
Should you come and visit my blog.

Follow her Edwina via the following Social Media links:
Blogger at Edwina’s Episodes
Author of Rhymes of the Times 
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About Judy E Martin

In my (very) early 50s, wife and mum, have worked in the community and hospital settiings as an Associate Practitioner (nursing). I have now just started on my journey to obtain my degree in nursing so am a student again! I come from a large family (plenty of ammo there for my blog), I love music (as long as it's 1980's or before), and words (so much we can do with them)! Oh, and last of all, I love to laugh, and hopefully make others laugh as well!

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