Melanie’s Hong Kong Chicken with Fondant Potatoes

Melanie's Hong Kong Chicken with fondant Potatoes.jpg

I reverted to a very old family favourite recipe HONG KONG CHICKEN that’s been in the family for generations and is ever popular which I served with served with something totally new called Fondant Potatoes, which I tried for the very first time. An easy potato dish, rich and oh so yum. I first saw a guest chef on The Kitchen prepare it then I googled it and came up with Gordon Ramsay’s version.

1 Chicken, cut into pieces, rinsed and pat dry with paper towel
2 TB minced garlic and ginger
2 TB brown sugar
¼ cup dark soya sauce
1 TB Oyster sauce
1 TB Shaoxing rice wine (or dry sherry) (optional)
1 tsp corn flour
Salt and pepper
1 tsp sesame oil
Oil for shallow frying

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Add chicken and using clean hands massage mixture thoroughly.
Marinate it for as long as it takes preferably overnight, turning chicken regularly.
Deep fry in shallow oil.

Make a batter – 1 cup flour
¼ cup corn flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 ml bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp white vinegar
10 ml oil
and water for mixing.

Drain off excess marinade in colander, pour batter over chicken and coat, shake off excess batter and then fry.

Fondant Potatoes
4 large potatoes, peeled
coarse salt and pepper
Few big sprigs of time
4-5 big garlic cloves, sliced (or left whole)
olive oil
¼ cup butter
1 cup chicken stock

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
Preparing these potatoes is pretty much like preparing steaks.
Put your peeled potatoes on their side and slice them in thick slices like steak.
Put them on a board/plate and season both sides generously with the salt and cracked black pepper.
Heat the bottom of a roasting on top of the stove till sizzling hot.
Add the potatoes in a single layer and brown them both sides till golden and crisp
I didn’t crisp mine, while the first side is staring to brown add the butter, whole sprigs of thyme and garlic.
Once the other side is done add enough of the chicken stock to the pan to come halfway up the potatoes.
The stock must Not cover the potatoes.
Continue baking in the oven for another 15 minutes.
You can also cover and continue cooking on the stove top until potatoes are tender when pieced with a sharp knife.
Potatoes can be served whole or also sliced served with the butter garlic sauce spooned over the potatoes.

Recipe Credit : Gordon Ramsay
Prepared, tried and tested by: Melanie Kramar 

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