Carol’s Sweet and Sour Sauce

TRH Carol's Thai Style Batter for Chicken or Pork

I use this sauce for any sweet and sour dish i.e Pork/Chicken Balls, Prawns or fish, or just sliced/ cubed chicken without batter.

1½ tbsp sugar
5 tsp soy sauce
3 tbsp Chinese white rice vinegar (or cider vinegar)
1 1⁄4 tbsp Heinz chilli paste
2 tbsp rice wine (or dry sherry)
1 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp water (to mix with cornflour)
Other Ingredients:
1½ tbsp coconut oil
3 garlic cloves (finely chopped)
1 piece ginger (2 cm finely chopped)
2 spring onion (finely sliced)
1 carrot (peeled and julienned)
½ red pepper
½ yellow pepper
3/4 dried chillies (If I don’t have dried) I use fresh red chillies.
A handful of cashew nuts.

Combine all the sauce ingredients in a jug and put to one side.
Heat a wok over a high heat and add oil and when the wok begins to smoke a little, add garlic, ginger, chillies and spring onions tossing with a fish slice for 20 seconds.
Add carrot and peppers and cashew nuts, continue to cook for 1 minute and then pour in the sauce and simmer for 3 to 5 minutes or until slightly thickens.
I add my prawns/prawn balls once sauce has heated up, as I don’t like my prawns overcooked, some people add with carrot and peppers.
When ready serve immediately with steamed or fried rice.
Garnish with Spring onions.
If using just chicken without batter then I coat in seasoned cornflour and lightly fry.
I also sometimes add pineapple, it depends on how I feel.  It is the sort of dish that whatever you have in your fridge you can add to the sauce.

If you wish to make your own batter, try this Thai Style Batter

Prepared, tried and tested by: Carol Taylor

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