Preshana’s Date Squares

TRH Preshana's Date Square.jpg
Date paste
1 cup( about 26 dates)
1/2 Tbspn vanilla extract
1 cup boiling water
1 1/2 Tbspn butter
1 1/2 Tbspn sugar
1/4 cup desiccated coconut

Place all the ingredients except desiccated in a pan and simmer on medium heat until a thick paste is formed.
Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.
Remove from heat and mix in desiccated coconut and allow to cool completely.

Biscuit base
125g margarine
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 cups self-raising flour

Cream butter and sugar, add egg, vanilla essence, mix well
Add in sifted dry ingredients and make a soft dough
Flatten 3/4 of the dough into baking pan, prick lightly
Spread date paste over dough and grate over remaining piece of dough
Bake in a preheated oven at 150C for about 15-20 minutes or slightly golden in colour .
Once removed from the oven lightly dust with icing sugar.

Prepared, tried and tested by: Preshana Singh

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