Es’s Chocolate Surprise Dessert

Es's Caramel Chocolate Dessert

I had to come up with a quick dessert to take with as we visited dear friends on Friday evening after work.  I did not have time to go to the shops to get what I actually intended to prepare, so had to dig in the pantry and found some ingredients and came up with this quick and easy treat.

Tennis biscuits (or lady fingers or any biscuit)
1 tin caramel
1 @ 170g box chocolate Jell-O, Cook & Serve
3 cups milk
1 cup pomegranate Craisins
1 cup Hershey’s Chipits

Pack the biscuits out as a base in glass dish (I used them 3 x 3)
Whip up the caramel, and spread over the biscuits
In a large microwave container, blend the milk and the Jell-O with a hand whisk.
Cook at high for 2 minutes, whisk and blend
Repeat this 3 more times, thus 8 minutes in total.
After every 2 minute cooking time, mix and blend well to prevent lumps
After the 8 minutes, add the craisins.
Cook for 1 minute, blend and add the chipits.
Blend in but no need to have all the chipits melted.
Pour and spread evenly over the caramel.
Decorate as desired.
Leave to set in the fridge.
Cut into blocks and when serving top with some whipped cream and enjoy

Created, Prepared, tried and tested by: Esme Slabs

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