Sean’s Fluffy Gluten Free Yeast Bread

TRH Sean's Fluffy gluten free yeast bread

FINALLY! A light fluffy gluten-free bread I can actually see our family using more of. Admittedly not 100% Keto but I’ll live with the indulgence every so often 🙂

250g gluten-free flour (I get mine from Bulk Barn but I’m sure any will do)
1tblsp xanthum gum powder
1 sachet traditional dry bread yeast (8g sachet)
1 tsp salt
150 ml warm water (35-38 Celcius)
1tblsp butter

Preheat oven to 200C (400F).
Melt butter in warm water. Stir in salt.
Add yeast sachet. Let this bubble for about 5 min.
Mix flour and Xanthum gum.
Add this liquid to most of the flour (200g) and mix well with a wooden spoon (you can use a mixer but I have not tried it as it’s quick by hand) when combined add remaining flour. If it’s too dry add a few drops of water to just get it sticky but not wet.
Mix by hand till combined and cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 20-40min in a warm place to let yeast do it’s work.
DO NOT KNEAD! It destroys the air pockets needed in no gluten flour.
Turn into a loaf tin and brush with a little full fat cream.
Sprinkle sesame seeds if you wish.
I use mini loaf pans and cook for about 20-25 min.
I made these in an air fryer so they actually took 10 min to cook.
This yields a small loaf that actually does a decent rising job or two smaller mini loaves.
Spread with butter when cool and enjoy!

Credit: Adapted this recipe from a bread book I have had for decades
Prepared, tried and tested by:  Sean Swart 

June 4, 2017 Sean Swart
EDIT- UPDATE: I just discovered a helpful change to this recipe after a total failure.
Please check you GF flour ingredients. If you use a 1-1 it contains Xanthum already and adding extra will make this bread gummy and heavy (not nice at all).
If it is a All purpose GF flour it shouldn’t contain Xanthum then you add it. Hope this helps people who might have had a failure in the bread.
Also increase baking time to 35 min for a small loaf. ( I made mini loaves and the 20/25 min is fine for those but not a full small loaf.
FINALLY! A light fluffy gluten free bread I can actually see our family using more of. Admittedly not 100% Keto but I’ll live with the indulgence every so often

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