An open invitation to all Bloggers

Open invitation to all Bloggers in the Blogosphere


Dear fellow Blogger:

I would love to get to know you better.  invitedto leave me any social media link in the comments, so please leave me a note below and introduce yourself and tell me a little about your blog.

Please provide me with your blog http:// or any of your other the social media links, then we can connect and get to know each other better.

I created a separate post on my blog called  “Social Media” Participants  linking to all of you. That way you will be able to come back to see all the other links of fellow bloggers, and connect with each other.

I will keep this list updated and share it on a regular basis and hope that we get more bloggers to join on this platform.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to leave me a note, and I am looking forward to talking to you all.  I promise that I will connect and respond back as soon as possible once you left me your information.

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Updated:  March 15,  2017


142 thoughts on “An open invitation to all Bloggers

  1. Hi Esme,
    First of all thanks to you for the invite and giving me an opportunity to join fellow bloggers. I am Anuradha Mukherjee and my blog is about my experience of cooking healthy home cooked food. My husband and both my daughters are fussy eaters and hence, the urge to experiment with different cuisines and incorporate them into our daily meals became my passion. I am still in the process of learning and the blogosphere has so much to offer. Your blog has an amazing recipe collection and I simply adore it. Looking forward to connect with all of you.
    My blog link is

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  3. Thank you for the invite, Esme! I’ll be sure to follow your links.
    My blog is called EarthaCooks:

    My name is Eartha. I’m a Toronto native who loves the city’s diverse and inspiring food and culture scene. In one block you can find Italian, Greek, Thai, Caribbean, and Mediterranean restaurants, and don’t get me started on the food trucks!

    I believe that at the heart of cooking is one thing, and one thing only: Enjoyment! Whether it’s from preparing your favourite dish and sharing it with friends and family, or – let’s be honest – eating, food is a major source of joy in everyday life.

    You can find me on:
    Instagram –
    Twitter –
    Pinterest –
    Facebook Page called Cooking Green Goodness – dedicated to green foods and cooking them delicious –

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    • Hi Ertha – Thank you for all your links. I will add your blog to the list. Thanks for joining. Please share this will your followers, have them follow me, join us and then leave me a comment and then they can also be added to this growing list. ♥

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    • Hi Ruta. I am humbled and honored that you want to list your blog here. I will add your blog to the list. Thanks for joining. Please share this will your followers, have them follow me, join us and then leave me a comment and then they can also be added to this growing list. ♥

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  4. Hi dear Esme. First of all I would like to say thank you for this opportunity to share my blog. I’m a beginner with blogging. I’m a teacher by profession, but I would like to give a self made virtual “cooking book” whit my feelings, advices and so on… to my children and grandchildren. That is the main reason why I started to write my blog:

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  5. Good afternoon! Thanks for the opportunity to share! My name is Carolanne and I write I started following your blog because I love new recipes and creative ideas in the kitchen. I’ve been keto/low carb for six weeks now and I’m always looking for new and interesting recipes to keep it fresh and exciting. I write a lot about food and cooking — I’m from North Georgia and am well entrenched in the ways of southern cooking and cuisine. I post some recipes occasionally. I also write a great deal about mental health, cats, books, tropes, and just little day to day things.

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    • Fantastic Carolanne – You will find some low carb and keto recipes on the blog. Just do a search. If I can help with anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I will add your blog to the list. Thanks for joining. Please share this will your followers, have them follow me, join us and then leave me a comment and then they can also be added to this growing list. ♥

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    • Hi Pryia – Thank you so much for participating on this forum. I will add your information and release it shortly. Please share this will your followers and have them also join us, as its a win win for all and I would love to meet your followers as well. Thanks in advance


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  7. My blog, Dewey Hop, can be found at . I work for the Fulton County Public Library and I am literally reading my way through the library to highlight what materials and services available. Along the way, I talk about various subjects, books, and anything unique to the Fulton County Public Library located in Rochester, Indiana. I started in the nonfiction section in the 000’s and have read and explored the library all the way to the current are in the 360’s. Eventually I will read through all departments and explore unique and exciting things along the way!

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  8. Hi, we are Francesca and Marinella, two Italian women. We come from different places in Italy, from far north to deep south and we met in Copenhagen. We love to cook and to share our recipes from different regions in Italy. We started this blog last May. Our aim is to make traditional and innovative dishes with fresh, seasonal and easily sourced raw material to share!

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  9. Hi thank you for the invite. My blog is I write poetry, short fiction, and some nonfiction pieces on my blog. Biweekly I do writer interviews or if you support a specific cause through your blog, I’ll do an interview for that as well. If you’re interested just send me a message at the top of my blog on my contact page. Nonfiction on my blog also includes beauty and a bit of fashion when I have time, as well as just my thoughts on something which made me think. Happy to have anyone stop by 🙂 Thanks again.
    Also check-out my novel as it develops on Wattpad. It’s called ‘How Was Last Night’ by A.M. Wilson but my user is @mandibelle16. It’s a paranormal romance and I think you’ll find it a fun read with interesting characters. Feel free to leave comments on Wattpad after each chapter. These help me a lot!

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  10. Hello, thank you so much for inviting me. I’m linda from I love to create wonderful ideas for your home and garden.I so enjoy your delicious recipes!!!! Thank you again for thinking about me!!


  11. Hi everyone, first a big thanks to cookandenjoyrecipes. Her blog has to be one of the best for recipes that I have seen. Be prepared to cook something if you go on her page hungry. You can almost smell the aromas of her kitchen when you visit her page. Taste buds are perking up and mouth is watering. Grab some pots and pans, measuring spoons and cups. If you need an idea for something new and different check it out.
    I have been blogging for over a year, coming into it not knowing anything, never really even writing before. My blog consists mostly of poetry, some of it personal, and some dealing with social issues which I feel are important. I am from Michigan, in the US. I read a lot of other bloggers pages and am amazed at the variety of topics and subjects.
    I would like to be able to write more than just poetry, but I haven’t ventured to far from that path. I do have a couple of pieces I wrote as tributes to people I had admired. I think I would like to continue doing that when I get the time and the moment hits me.
    My name is Kathy, and thanks to my blog I have been impacted by so many people from all over the world. It is a wonderful way to bring people together and see how much we all have in common. I wish it could be like that in the real world. Thanks to each and every one of you for bringing and giving something of yourselves with your writing.


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  13. Hello, thank you for the invite, I’m very new to this blogging lark ha ha! So please let me know if I’m doing anything I should or shouldn’t be 😉
    This is from my about page on my blog, which is very much a work in progress.
    Hi there, I’m Lisa and welcome to my Home Cook Simple recipe blog. I will be sharing recipes and meal ideas that inspire me to cook at home. A little peek into my kitchen. I love to cook and bake simple! So thought I would make this blog to keep a diary of all the recipes I make at home and to share my love of (have a go) cooking. I’m a mum to three beautiful girls and wife to my lovely husband James and get a lot of satisfaction out of cooking for them. I was never always the greatest at cooking, I was more of a convenience food cook, frozen food, ready meals, ready-made sauces etc, up until around 9 years ago. I became more confident cooking at home while taking my middle daughter to a local sure start centre, where she could go into the crèche within the children’s centre and I could join in with the activities set up for the parents. Each week we would make different things, some basic baking, such as biscuits and buns etc, and by going to these weekly sessions, I was given the confidence to try out new things at home and be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen. Since then I’ve gone on to make all my own sauces, family birthday cakes, trying out new recipes, coming up with my own recipes and I’ve just really enjoyed cooking and baking since. I work part-time, so feel lucky that I have the time to do quite a bit of cooking at home. I like to try new recipes and adapt or tweak them a little bit, depending on ingredients I have in and what needs using up in my fridge. I will post recipes and food inspiration regularly as I carry on with my cooking journey.

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  14. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and I am sure glad that I stopped by yours…..My name is Leola Durant……I too have been diagnosed with a chronic illness of Lupus, Vasculitis and of late Sjogren’s Syndrome…..You can’t go through any illness without feeling down and depressed….or so I thought, until I embarked on new found relationship with Jesus. Surprisingly I would be relived of my fears and anxiousness the closer I got to God and His Holy Spirit… a result I started this blog because more and more every day I’m hearing of others who are depressed and suffering emotional issues, and it is my hope that at least someone may read my blog (especially my earlier posts) and be able to find their way….God is good, He is Alive and there is really Power in His Word…..I’ve found that out for myself.

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  16. My blog is about sharing my story and journey about living, surviving and thriving with bipolar disorder to increase awareness, educate, reduce the mental illness stigma, reduce suicide and help others know they are not alone by sharing my story. Also, just to help encourage and inspire people in their lives and struggles. I also write about God as he saved my life and healed me to a point that I can now live my life.

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  17. Hi dear new friend … thanks for the invitation! I’m so happy to have found you.
    Here’s the info about me, as listed on my blog’s home page … it’s still up to date!!
    “I’m originally from Puerto Rico. I was born in Santurce and raised in Rio Piedras. I currently live in Florida – since 1999. I have a doctorate degree in Medicine; completed in 1976. My Internal Medicine specialty was completed in 1979. Worked for Puerto Rico’s health system until 1985. At this time, I’m happily retired after working for the federal government for almost 28 yrs. I also worked for the government of Puerto Rico from 1979 through 1985 …. for a total of almost 40 years as a physician. I want to offer any knowledge that I have to anyone “out there” who is interested. My views are liberal in almost every sense. My knowledge is “eclectic” – a bit of everything. Music and reading are my passion. Blogging has also become a very interesting endeavor. Metaphysical topics attract me. I’m interested in news – reporting human issues like injustice, discrimination and abuse – the “wrongly” affected. My intention is to bring this knowledge to an understandable level and to help anyone in need.”
    … at this time in life, the current political climate has affected me in many ways. I’m trying to get over this reality and go back to blogging about the many different topics I blogged about. It’s taking a bit of time … so please, bear with me!!
    TY … peace, hugs!! __/l\__


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