Moumita’s Healthy Grilled Spicy Chicken Breasts

TRH Moumita's Healthy Grilled Spicy Chicken Breasts

3 Boneless chicken breasts.
2 teaspoons of ginger garlic onion green chillies paste,
1 teaspoon of Balsamic vinegar,
2 teaspoons of Red chilly sauce,
1 teaspoon of Soya sauce,
A pinch of black pepper powder,
1 stick of Fresh Lemon grass or Lemon grass sauce,
Salt to taste .
3 teaspoons of oil.
Salad leaves & tossed tomato for garnishing.

Marinate the Chicken pieces in ginger garlic onion green chillies paste, balsamic vinegar and salt for 2 hours.
Once the chicken is well marinated, grill till well done.
In a pan heat the oil, add the rest of the marinated ingredients (red chilly sauce, soya sauce).
Simmer the sauces over a low heat.
Add the fine black pepper, extra salt if needed and lemon grass stick, add a few teaspoons water. Mix well and allow to thicken and reduce in quantity.
Once the sauce is thick , toss the grilled chicken breasts in it. Let it coat it well.
Serve with a green leafy salad and garnish with tossed tomatoes.

Prepared, tried and tested by:  Moumita Sriram


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