Christl’s Homemade sausage rolls


These are made with US ingredients.
1 roll Jimmy Dean Regular Sausage
1 roll Jimmy Dean Sage sausage
1 package frozen puff pastry

Thaw pastry.
Preheat oven to 375F.
Mix sausage well.
Cut pastry sheets in half.

Make a long roll of sausage and put in center of each half.
Make sure you can fold pastry over on itself to seal it.
Wet edge of pastry, overlap edges and press together to seal.
Brush with egg wash.
Line baking sheet with parchment paper.
Cut each sausage roll into 6 pieces, place on sheet and bake 25 minutes.
I had some meat left over.
Probably enough for another 1/2 sheet of pastry. You can also make them smaller or larger. Just adjust the baking time.

Prepared, tried and tested by: Christl Honiball



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