Melanie’s Do Nothing cake

TRH Melanie's Do Nothing cake
Well baking and I are not friends, so imagine my delight when I came across this Do Nothing Cake on my time line. I thought well another simple one that even I can’t mess up.  Also the one time my cake didn’t crack and came out perfect but then I had to poke holes in it! An easy and super yummy tea time treat. Continue reading

Melanie’s Kentucky Fried Chicken

TRH Melanie's Kentucky Fried Chicken
Saturday I refused to cook point-blank. So the boys ended up buying Kentucky.
Then I got moaned at because I don’t make it anymore, and they have to go out and buy.
So I decided to make my version of it, so it’s not Kentucky it’s KFC, (Kramar Fried Chicken ☺☺) served with Mash and Gravy. Continue reading

Melanie’s Coconut Cherry Loaf

TRH Melanie's Coconut Cherry Loaf

One of the guys that hubby works with, has chickens on his farm and sent me fresh eggs to try with the message that I must send him some cake. Well the easiest I could think of was Madeira Cake. While looking in my recipes for the recipe though, I came across Viloshni Naraidu’s Coconut Cherry Loaf, which was much of a muchness. The inclusion of Almond essence and cherries is so awesome and had me eating cake way past midnight last night. Simple but sooo divine with a Hug in a Mug  Continue reading