Sean’s No potato Rosti with bacon, mushrooms and green onion


Traditional Rosti means grated potato pressed into pancake – like shape and fried. Substituting with shredded cabbage changes it to a powerhouse keto meal and doesn’t disappoint on flavour.
Yields two servings (half a big Rosti each or two smaller ones)
2 bacon slices, chopped into small pieces
2 table spoons coconut oil or lard (good old bacon fat)
1 cup mushrooms thinly sliced
1/4 to 1/3 cup chopped green onions (spring onions)
1/2 teaspoons minced garlic
1 cup shredded or finely sliced cabbage (green or red is fine)
2 eggs, whisked
Salt and pepper to taste

Over a medium heat, Cook bacon in large skillet – I cook almost exclusively in a cast iron pan (or medium for smaller rostis) till crispy, reserve fat and put bacon aside.
Add coconut oil (or extra lard), mushrooms, green onions and garlic.
Saute for 5 min till mushroom soften and are golden.
I’m a large bowl whisk eggs till fluffy (this helps make the Rosti lighter), add cabbage and salt and pepper and stir through till cabbage is coated in egg.
Now add this mixture to the pan with mushrooms and add bacon back. (Keep a little bacon for garnish if you want).
Press it down with a spatula to shape a flat pancake.
Cook until the bottom is crispy and golden.
Flip the Rosti over and cook until cabbage is soft (about 5-10 min or to your liking)
Serve with garnish of extra bacon bits and green onion.
1 large Rosti makes a meal for two or make two smaller rostis.
If cooking for 1 just refrigerate left over for the next day heating in the microwave.

Prepared, tried and tested by:  Sean Swart

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