Nazley’s Spanish Food Terminology List

Almeja – clam
Aceituna – olive
Ajo – garlic
Albahaca – basil
Alcachofa – artichoke
Alcaparras – capers
Albóndigas – meatballs
Alcachofa – artichoke
Almendras – almonds
Anchoas – anchovies
Arroz – rice.
Almejas – clams
Atún – tuna.
Azafrán – Saffron
Bacalao – codfish or salted codfish
Berenjena – aubergine
Caballa – Mackerel
Cacahuetes- peanuts
Calamares – squid
Callos – tripe
Canela – cinnamon
Cangrejo – crab
Castaño – chestnut
Cebollas – onions
Cigala – crayfish
Col – cabbage
Conejo – rabbit
Costillas – ribs
Ensalada – salad
Gambas – shrimp
Garbanzos -chick peas
Guisantes – Green peas
Habas – Broad beans
Helado – Ice cream
Higado -liver
Higos – Figs
Hinojo – fennel
Huevos – eggs
Jamón – ham
Judías – dry beans
Langosta – lobster
Mantequilla – butter
Manzana – apple
Mariscos – seafood
Mejillones – mussels
Melocotón – peach
Membrillo – quince, a quince “jam”
Merluza – hake fish
Miel – honey
Natillas – cream custard
Naranja -orange
Oca – duck
Ostras – oysters
Pan – bread
Patatas – potatoes
Pescado – fish
Pera – pear
Pimienta – black pepper
Pimientos – peppers (rojos- red, verdes- green, amarillos- yellow)
Piña – pineapple
Plátano – bananas
Pollo – chicken
Pomelo – grapefruit
Puerros – leeks
Queso – cheese
Rape – monkfish, angler fish
Romero – rosemary
Salchica – thin pork sausage
Sardinas – sardines
Setas – wild mushrooms
Solomillo – filet mignon/ tenderloin steak
Sopa – soup
Tarta – cake.
Ternera – veal
Ternera Picada – minced beef.
Tomate – tomato
Tomillo – thyme
Venado/ ciervo – venison
Vieiras / Zamburiña – scallops
Zanahorias – carrots
Zarzuela – casserole

Submitted by:  Nazley Ally

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