Daphne’s Chicken curry and putu


Easy chicken curry
1 kg chicken drummers
1 medium onion
2 large potatoes
2 tamatoes
3 sticks of cinnamon
2 bay leaves
1 leaflet of curry leaf
1 tsp ground ginger n garlic
1 tblsp tumeric
6 tblsp extra special curry powder
1/4cup peas
Sunflower oil enough to cover base of pot
Salt to taste

Fry onions, cinnamon sticks and bay leaf till onion turns golden brown,
Add ginger, garlic and curry leaves.
Add the tumeric, chilli powder, and diced tamatoes
Add salt and let simmer until a gravy has formed.
Add your chicken drummers and potatoes and cook on high heat.
Add water about half cup and let the curry cook.
Test potatoes to see if its soft. As soon as potatoes cook the drummers will be cooked too. Switch off stove

Putu is made with mealie meal:
2 cups water
1 tblsp cooking oil
2 tblspoon salt
4 cups mealie meal

Bring water to boil add oil and salt.
Add mealie meal and stir. Breaking the little lumps that form
Cook on medium heat
Using a fork keep breaking the lumps from under to top.
You will know when putu is cooked.  When you make a tiny ball from the putu and try and bounce on floor. If it bounces its cooked.
Note I didn’t add a lot of spices. Enjoy dear friend

Prepared, tried and tested by: Daphne Pillay


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