January 2017 Share and Inspire Others – Appetizers


WOW, look at all the wonderful recipes we received for our second Share and Inspire Others! Recipe Exchange. Thank you to one and all for your most delectable entries.

Posted in order of emails received:

Indian flavoured Onion rings(using whole wheat flour) courtesy of cookwithsmileblog
I had onion rings for the first time in a hospital cafeteria. From that I just loved it. I always wanted to try it. I gave it my touch using whole wheat flour and Indian flavour.😁😊😎


Shallots fritters / Ulli pakoda courtesy of cookwithsmileblog
This is a perfect tea time snack☕. When you serve this hot pakodas/ fritters along with a good chai / tea it will be finished in no time 😃. I hope you will give a try and enjoy.

TRH Shallots fritters.jpg

Crispy Onion Fritters courtesy of PriyaPandian
‘Hot crispy onion bajji with a hot cup of tea on a rainy evening’. Sound delicious right? Here is a easy snack prepared using very few ingredients that we have in our kitchen pantry.


Savoury Paniyaram courtesy of PriyaPandian
Paniyaram is a South Indian tiffin or a snack


Sweet Paniyaram courtesy of PriyaPandian
Sweet Paniyaram can be served as a breakfast or snack.


Hummus & Grilled Vegetables courtesy of thehappiestpixel
I made it as a starter, but it’s a great appetizer. You can dip the veggies or bread and enjoy!! Hummus+veggies=awesome!!  I hope you enjoy it.


Stuffed Avocado courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
There is plenty of substance to stuffed avocados, though, and plenty of goodness, too, but just like the “stuffed shirt” scarecrows, they could be stuffed with anything you have on hand. In my case, it’s tuna.


Banana Flower Patties courtesy of PriyaPandian
Vaazhaipoo/Banana flower patties are a healthy and best starter.  Every part of the plantain tree has its own health benefits and most of them are edible.


The Mighty Plantain – Tostones courtesy of koolkosherkitchen
Hot tostones will be a great appetizer on their own, topped by those delicious chunks of garlic, served on a bed of greens with some fresh cilantro sprinkled on top.  But they are just as good as a side dish..


Hariyali Paneer Tikka courtesy of Smart Veg Recipes
Hariyali Paneer Tikka is mouthwatering tikka recipe of paneer. Originated from North India. In hariyali paneer tikka use fresh green paste, yogurt, lemon juice; which gives  refreshing flavors. Hariyali paneer tikka is not like other paneer tikka because in hariyali paneer tikka, garam masala is not used and secondly it cook in less time.


Pattice courtesy of Smart Veg Recipes


Paneer (Cottage cheese) Balls in Hot & Sour sauce courtesy of Smart Veg Recipes
Paneer or cottage cheese is used to make many main course as well as different types of appetizers. Deep fried paneer balls cooked in hot and tangy sauces flavored with roasted sesame seed makes it perfect party appetizer.


Es’s Baked Brie Appetizer courtesy of The Recipe Hunter
Whether attending or hosting a party, be it swanky or totally casual, pick up a wheel of Brie and make this easy appetizer!


Hope you will enjoy all these incredible and awesome appetizers.  Cook&Enjoy!trh-cook-and-enjoy
A Friendly reminder to our participating bloggers:

1stTheme will be announced and published on The Recipe Hunter blog.
10thSubmissions need to be received via email @ cookandenjoy@shaw.ca
15th – Release of all entries from participants on The Recipe Hunter blog.

Please, please, please remember that you have to promote this post by the latest Jan 20th, by means of a post or just reblog this post on your own site and add your own little story to tell your followers that you participated in the Share and Inspire Others! Recipe Exchange and have your recipe/s showcased and invite them to participate as well in the February Exchange.  

The February theme will be announced on 1 Feb, 2017 and we invite one and all to visit the following post: Share and Inspire Others! and we hope that you will then participate in the new theme.

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I have a passion to cook and experiment, and have gathered recipes for almost 50+ years (paper and then electronic). I felt it an absolute waste to just toss all those wonderful recipes in the garbage and forget about them, thus decided to put them to good use and started “The Recipe Hunter” Facebook page: The Recipe Hunter (Cook &Enjoy) and the Blog

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  1. Hi dear Esme, hope you are doing well. Shared this post on my blog IndianKitchen and commented as:
    Dear friends, I am happy to be a part of Share and Inspire others. Thank you Esme 🙂 Some of my recipes as well as from other awesome bloggers have been shared here. I hope you will be thrilled to participate in the upcoming Share and Inspire others event 🙂

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