Melanie’s Crock Pot Sweet Bacon Glazed Chicken


This is a recipe I came across at Recipes from Heaven, and I tell you something everybody at home agreed that this Crock Pot Bacon Glazed Chicken was Heavenly.
We’re only 3 at home and a whole tray wasn’t enough. The bacon can be omitted. I served with Mushroom Egg Fried Rice.
The rice is par for the course in my home I just vary the vegetables

1 tray mixed chicken pieces
½ cup ginger honey
1/8 cup molasses
1/8 cup brown Sugar
1/8 cup soya sauce
1 tsp sriracha
1 tsp grated ginger
1 Tblsp corn starch
1 Tblsp water

6 slices bacon
¼ cup honey
3 Tblsp Worcestershire sauce
Fry bacon till crisp. Remove and drain on paper towel. Chop into pieces.
Drain fat leaving 2 Tblsp of the fat.
Add the honey and Worcestershire sauce and once it starts to bubble remove from heat. (Do this only once chicken is done else it will harden)

Combine cornstarch and water into a slurry in a bowl/cup and set aside.
In a pot add ginger honey, molasses, brown sugar, soya sauce, sriracha, and ginger, bring to a boil, add corn starch slurry and when it thickens remove from heat and set aside.
Line slow cooker with parchment paper (to avoid a mess – optional – I didn’t).
Season chicken with salt pepper and garlic.
Add to slow cooker, add sauce you just made and ½ cup of water and cook on high for 2 ½ hours.
Remove to oven proof dish and baste with glaze and add crumbled bacon and grill until they caramelize.
Turn chicken and baste again and repeat.
Use remaining sauce as dipping sauce. (I threw sauce over chicken)

Recipe Credit : Recipes from Heaven

2 cups day old cooked rice
2 cups sliced mushrooms
2 eggs beaten (with 1 tblsp water)
1 Tblsp peanut oil (vegetable oil fine)
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp light soya sauce
1 spring onion sliced
2 dashes white pepper

Heat peanut/vegetable oil in pan.
Add mushrooms and fry till just slightly tender. Add rice and mix to combine.
Make a well in the centre and add beaten eggs.
Scramble a bit and then stir in the rice and mushrooms.
Add half the sliced spring onion and the pepper, sesame oil and soya sauce and mix to combine.
Garnish with other half of spring onion.

Prepared, tried and tested by: Melanie Kramar


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