Preshana’s Homemade Butter

I make butter around this time of the year, when all the supermarkets want to get rid of their stock of fresh cream. I added fresh herbs /crushed garlic to my flavoured butter and use the buttermilk to make scones or rusks


900 ml double cream


Beat 900ml of double cream fast in an electric mixer until the sound changes and it properly separates into curds of butter and butter milk (those of you who’ve ever over whipped your cream may not have known you were just moments away from making homemade butter).
This will be between 5 and 7 minutes.
Sieve the curds out over a big bowl and plop the curds into very cold water, this’ll draw any remaining milk out.
With a firm hand, squish the curds together underwater to make a rough ball of butter.
Place the butter on a piece of greaseproof paper and roll it up.
The liquid left in the bowl after you’ve whipped the cream into butter is buttermilk.


Prepared, tried and tested:  Preshana Singh


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