T’IS THE SEASON: CAKES, COOKIES AND TREATS – December 2016 Share and Inspire Others!

I am super excited to announce the theme of our very first Share and Inspire Others ! Monthly Recipe Exchange and with being December, it can be nothing other than



Please click: How to Participate should you feel the need to refresh your memory and see the rules again.

December 1st
Theme will be announced and published on The Recipe Hunter blog.
December 10thSubmissions need to be received via email @ cookandenjoy@shaw.ca
December 15th – Release of all entries from participants on The Recipe Hunter blog.
December 20thPromote and do a post/reblog on your own blog, linking back to the original post.


Please remember, the subject line of your email, should be marked as follows:

December 2016 – T’IS THE SEASON:



Please remember to leave me a note (NOT THE LINK to your entry) on this post, to let me know that I should expect your email Email Inbox in which you should provide me with some information on your recipe (if possible)  and dont-forget to add the links to your awesome recipe.gif on your own  blog in the email.  This is just a precaution, as I do not want to miss your awesome entry.

I am so looking forward to your self-tried-and-tested-recipe  SELF TRIED AND TESTED recipes!



44 thoughts on “T’IS THE SEASON: CAKES, COOKIES AND TREATS – December 2016 Share and Inspire Others!

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    Dear Beautiful People, it is the season of lights, celebrations, holidays, and blessings for everybody! Let’s celebrate together by participating in this new exciting recipe exchange program by enterprising and industrious Esme the Recipe Hunter.

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  4. Dear Esme, congratulations on the inception of the new and exciting program! I am planning to send you something for Chanukkah (I am not sure which recipe as I will do several). Best of luck and blessings to you!

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