Melanie’s Thai Infused Peppered Beef


I saw Ina Garten use these sauce ingredients in a Thai Noodle salad once. I decided to improvise and use it in a cooked dish, and came up with Thai Infused Peppered beef. Basically put peanuts or peanut butter in anything in food then you’re at liberty to call it Thai 🙂 It was delicious. Continue reading

Melanie’s Ultimate Meat Loaf


I have several Meat Loaf recipes, but this the first time I have made it without using a meat loaf tin. It is more fun, and a whole lot juicier. I call this the ultimate meat loaf.
I swapped the boring breadcrumbs for salticrax.
The last time I used provitas. I think maybe I’ll use cheese biscuits next time :-). It’s super moist and does not need a separate sauce. Continue reading


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Truffled honey. Can I get a group OMG going? I hope so… that stuff could probably be under a list of controlled substances…  I better use mine up before it does makes into the list.  But back to the focaccia. I wanted to bake something for a departmental get-together, scheduled for a Thursday evening. Weather forecast for that week was high 90’s, low 100’s, so turning the oven at 450F seemed wrong on many levels. But the weekend before we got a little break with some rain and cooler temps, so I decided to get the baking out of the way as early as possible on Saturday, then freeze my production until showtime.




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Mexican Slaw

GUEST POSTER – Recipe courtesy and by approval of Zoale Blog
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Have you ever been to Charleston, SC?  It’s an awesome place to visit and you never run out of great places to eat.  We have been a couple of times the last several years, and happened upon a gem of a Mexican restaurant called Zia Taqueria.  They have the most amazing Mexican coleslaw.


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Melanie’s Dhal Chicken Curry


I’m so tired of the same old chicken curry. So I was inspired by Robin Singh to make Dhal Chicken Curry which I’ve never made before. I didn’t follow his recipe, not by choice but because I balls’d it up by running between the recipe on my PC screen and the kitchen and getting distracted in between. It still turned out a winner and it’s the first time ever I made curry without using any seeds and not a drop of oil. Continue reading