Important News “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange


We have received such incredible and an overwhelming good response with this “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange project and have already received scheduled posts for each and every day of the week up until mid December 2016.

I wish to thank each and every Guest Blogger for your support, wonderful recipes and contributions to this project.  You have just blown me away

blown-awaywith all the exceptional and delectable recipes received on a daily basis.

We have already released 48 Guest Posts to date.  We still have 62 more to come, thus a grand total of 110 Guest Posts.

This will then conclude this format of the “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange project but do not despair

do not despair.jpg

as I am already thinking of new ways how to continue this Exchange, but in a different format.

I will keep you posted, as soon as I have formalized and set everything in place, so please


Thanks again from The Recipe Hunter


5 thoughts on “Important News “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange

  1. Reblogged this on The Recipe Hunter and commented:


    As promised the NEW MONTHLY “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange will be released on November 9th – Yes November 9th, you will be able to start thinking how you wish to participate and share your lovely recipes with all of us.

    I am so thrilled and can hardly wait myself for the release. Bookmark this date and let’s have fun ❤


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