200+ WordPress Followers

The Recipe Hunter received a fantastic notification this morning when I turned on my Blog and WordPress notified me as follows:
Congratulations on getting 200 total follows on The Recipe Hunter!
Your current tally is 201.

On September 18th, I received a similar notification from WordPress that The Recipe Hunter have reached a 100 followers.

So, in just over a month, our followers have increased and reached the 200 mark!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!  I am so delighted and thrilled by this.

To all my Blog followers, I cannot say it enough:
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to each and every follower, for taking the time out of your already busy schedules, to read and follow my Food blog.  I am humbled each and every time I see a new follower signing up.  I appreciate your likes and comments and value your input tremendously.

Hope you all have an awesome and fabulous day and happy blogging to all of you.


35 thoughts on “200+ WordPress Followers

    • Hi Liz, Thanks for following and thanks for your compliment. I just love to share and yes it’s great to get constant followers, so welcome to my blog. I will hop over to your’s in a minute to see what you’re up to. Happy “hunting” on my blog Liz

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