Fellow Bloggers: “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange

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This is an open invitation to all Food Bloggers who would like to participate in the “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange with us here at The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)

Please leave a link to the recipe/s you wish to share on our blog in the comments.

I will make contact with you as soon as possible, and get your final approval to post the full recipe with ingredients, method and picture (if available) and also link back to your blog.

This can only be a mutually beneficial Recipe Exchange.  We get to know our fellow bloggers and the cherry on top would be, we gain lots of new and delicious recipes to Cook&Enjoy!

I truly hope and my wish would be that we can do a Guest Post once a week!

Are you game to participate in this “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange ?

TRH sharing is caring hearts



62 thoughts on “Fellow Bloggers: “Sharing is Caring” Recipe Exchange

  1. Hi, thank you for making me a guest poster again haha. I do believe one of my recipes (mint chocolate mousse) is already scheduled for your blog this month. However, if you would like me to link another recipe I am more than happy to do so (:


  2. Reblogged this on The Recipe Hunter and commented:

    Hi to all my fellow foodie bloggers.

    I have received such good response and approvals from fellow food Bloggers to showcase their recipes on The Recipe Hunter Blog.

    Originally I thought to do only one Guest Post per week and schedule your recipes for release on a Friday morning, around 1am my time (Vancvouer, Canada).

    I am already fully booked till the end of November 2016. I only have 5 slots left for this year. Once filled, I will start to add more Guest posts per week.

    Please let me know if you’re interested to participate in the wonderful experience. It’s a win win situation.

    Drop me a note in the comments and add a link to the recipe you would like to get showcased, and I will make contact with you and set up a release date.

    Hope to year of you all. If I have already posted or scheduled a post for you, do not that it deter you from sending me another recipe.

    My Slogan: “Sharing is Caring”.

    Blogger Hugs from The Recipe Hunter (Cook&Enjoy)

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    • Thank you so much for your approval – I will work on this tonight and schedule for the first opening available, as I only do Guest posts once a week. I will be in touch with a release date shortly.


    • I want to start working on your post, and just now noticed you have a video in the post. Will you be able to supply me with a link or explain to me how to add the video to the post. Never added a video before. Thanks for your help.


  3. Hi Recipe Hunter,
    thanks for the invite…pls,feel free to pick a recipe and let me know..
    thanks for opportunity to share my recipes…(i hope you find something to share on my blog as am Nigerian)

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    • WOW – Fantastic ZeliciousRecipes – Please provide me with a link to a specific recipe you would like to share, then I will schedule your post for Sept 16, as I only do one per week and already have others scheduled. That’s the first spot available. Looking forward to working together.


    • No rush, but just wanted to double take and make sure that you received my previous message. If still interested, please provide me with a link to a recipe you wish me to submit on my blog. Thanks in advance.


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