Denzy’s Peaches & Jelly Dessert

TRH Denzy's Peaches & Jelly Dessert

1 can peaches chopped
750g cape fruit yogurt
2 packets orange jelly
half cup condensed milk
Fresh Mint for garnish

Mix both packets of jelly with 2 cups of hot water and 2 cups cold water.
Let it cool and and pour half the jelly in glasses to created bottom layer.
Put in fridge to set.
Mix condensed milk with the other half of the jelly and pour over set jelly to created middle layer.
Put back in the fridge to set.
Mix chopped peaches and yogurt together and dish into glasses to created the top layer.
Finish with a slice of peaches and mint leave.

Prepared, tried and tested by: Denzel Koenana

Notes: Marlene-Rick Harker
My granddaughter (7yrs) wanted to help make your dessert but we used strawberries instead .. this is her strawberry version of your Peach dessert.

TRH Nikita's presentation

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