500 – 600g Fish fillets, deboned, skin removed (can be frozen)
250ml Fresh cream
½ Lemon’s Juice
200ml Milk
1 packet White onion soup powder
To taste Aromat, freshly groumd black pepper, parsley, cheese, small margarine cubes

Preheat oven to 180ºC
To remove skin: Use fish while still frozen.
Hold under warm running tap water.
Remove skin easily.
Place fish (one layer) in a greased, shallow, ovenproof dish.
Mix cream, lemon juice, milk and soup powder together.
Pour half over the fish.
Add the rest of the fish.
Pour the rest of the cream mixture on top.
Add seasoning to taste.
Finish off with the grated cheese and margarine cubes.
Bake for 45 minutes

Source: Received via email from Annalie Botes



Albert’s Greek-style brinjal and meatball bake


Greek-style brinjal and meatball bake

Truly delicious and you don’t need a recipe. If you can’t make meatballs from scratch, use Knorr Meatball-fix!  Continue reading



• 8 liters fresh full cream milk (2.11 gallons / 270.5 oz) raw milk non homogenized from a farm – hard to get in stores
• **2 ml Calcium Chloride diluted in 60ml of non-chlorinated water (only required if using homogenized pasteurized milk – do NOT buy ultra-pasteurized milk)
• **2 ml (1 US teaspoon) liquid rennet diluted in 60ml (quarter cup) of non-chlorinated water – Do not panic about the small amount of rennet for the large amount of milk – it will work – don’t add extra thinking it isn’t enough !! It results in either bitter cheese or the curds not firming up – so don’t be tempted – the recipe is there for a reason!
• Cheese Salt – It’s just flakey non-iodized salt – don’t use rock salt or granular salt (it doesn’t absorb properly) – and certainly don’t use iodized salt – it inhibits cultures and bacteria’s you WANT in your cheese.
• Dried Mint leaves (Optional)

• Cheesecloth – don’t get the precut ones – get the one that’s in a strip – the precut may be to small
• Two large stock pots 10 quart
• Thermometer
(** If you plan on making this cheese – don’t expect to make it tomorrow – you have to order the ** items on line)

1. Pour glass of wine. Warm milk to 32C (90F) – VERY IMPORTANT … the 34C / 90F IS just below luke warm – don’t panic – it’s not supposed to heat up at all you can easily put your hand in it – it is like a glass of water that was standing in an air conditioned room – it’s the way it is supposed to be! Have a sip of wine – keep an eye on the thermometer!! Do not throw the milk jugs out – fill them both with water – you need them later!
2. Now add the rennet solution. Again – Do not panic about the small amount of rennet for the large amount of milk – it will work – don’t add extra thinking it isn’t enough!! It results in either bitter cheese or the curds not firming up – so don’t be tempted – the recipe is there for a reason! Turn off heat.
3. Stir 5 or 6 times, put the lid on and let the milk set for 40 minutes. Pour another glass of wine – turn the music up and dance around the room like a lunatic! If you have ever made or had flan – like Mexican flan with the brown syrup at the bottom – it will be that consistency when ready!
4. Use your pinky knuckle and run it through the middle – look for the nice clean break. Refill wine glass – c’mon it’s been 40 minutes!
5. Take a nice long knife and cut the set milk/curd into squares like a checkerboard, then cut down diagonally both directions. Now stir TWICE – no more than that and let the suckers rest and stop freaking out for 10 mins. Grab your glass!
6. Bring the temp up to 40C (104F) over the period of 20 minutes. Make sure it takes you 20 mins!! You will thank me!
7. Allow curds to rest for 10 minutes to form a solid mass. Get your colander ready – place over a second stock pot to catch all the whey – you need it! DO NOT THROW IT OUT! I found that a nice oblong container that I punched holes in – bottom and sides – was perfect to form the shape – line with cheesecloth pour curds in and drain the whey. Leave for 5 mins – enough time for wine!
8. Remove the curds in the cheesecloth and place on a large wooden (or food safe plastic) board, and fold the cheesecloth so that the curd is square-shaped and the curd will not escape when pressed. Make sure it’s quite thick – not thin. Place a second board on top and then add 2 x 2 gallon milk jugs you filled with water on top to press down.
9. Press for 10 minutes, then remove weight and top board and flip over curd mass. Re-press for 20 minutes. Wine!
10. Whilst waiting for the second pressing, return the whey back to the stove and heat to 90C/ 200F. You will notice that excess curd will float to the top, so scoop off most of this froth to clear the whey. I forgot – trust me – scoop it off! Continue to heat the whey to 97C. Don’t let the whey boil. Stop wobbling!
11. Remove the weights and top board from the curds, then remove the cheesecloth carefully. Place the pancake like curd onto the bottom board and cut into 100 x 150 mm rectangles, and then place into the hot whey.
12. They will sink to the bottom. After about 40 minutes, the cheese will float to the top. Remove immediately – or they will fall apart. From all the wine you may forget this step!
13. Remove cheese pieces from the whey one at a time (you may want to wear rubber gloves as the cheese may scald your hands), and coat in a cheese salt/mint leaf just like you would if you were crumbing or battering a piece of fish fillet. Shake off the excess salt. Stop moaning – it’s nearly over!
14. Allow cheese to drain for an hour, then either place in airtight container into the fridge and consume within a week – use some of the whey to pour over so it doesn’t dry out. Allow 24 hours before using so that the salt permeates through cheese. (Yeah right – bull excrement – mine was still a bit warm when I fried and it was very salty – maybe a bit too much – and delish!) Another method of storage is to vacuum pack for up to six months in the fridge (not that it will last that long, it is too yummy). I don’t recommend freezing – it crumbles!
Fry up and savor each delish piece by itself … with lemon or lime juice squeezed liberally over (Personally – I like the crunch so I have a little dish with the lime juice and cut and dip – instead of the cheese softening from the squeezed juice!!
Or – make a delish salad with spring onions, chopped mangoes, walnuts, avocado, some chicken, and top with 3 or pieces of fried haloumi!!

Tried and Tested:  Ray Kieran
Original Recipe from the Internet – no idea where

Stuffed Cream Cheese Basil, Garlic, Red Onions and Peppers Pork Loin

Stuffed Cream Cheese Basil, Garlic, Red Onions and Peppers Pork Loin tt

Oven 450 for 10 mins – reduce to 350 for 45 – 50 mins

One pork loin Roll – big enough for the people who will devour**
Fresh Basil leaves – a bunch of them
One green pepper or more depending on your PL size (you can add red and yellow – I would have if I had had some!)
Cream cheese – enough to spread!
Red onion – enough to cover the pork layer
Fresh Garlic – I used 4 cloves – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much!
Honey/lemons/balsamic glaze vinegar – the thick gooey one – apricot jam and olive oil
Spices –
Salt, pepper, Adobe all seasoning – teeny bit of steak and chops seasoning
*** I would have added mushrooms and spinach as I have done before – but had none – tomato is not good as a filler

1. Pour a vodka cranberry or drink of choice – turn that music up … you gotta use some energy when you cook!!
2. ** Pork Loin (If you are cheated and get 2 strips use A. – if it’s a proper round solid roast – use B.)

A. Stick the sticks into a large zip lock – season and shake. Make sure they stay in the middle if they move to the edge – the bag will split open. Smash each of the 2 strips with the rolling pin to flatten a bit – don’t make it too thin you will be sorry!
B. If it’s the solid round – do a reverse Swiss roll cut … so that it lays out flat eventually – don’t make it too thin! Pour another drink!!

3. Spread the cream cheese the bottom one (Or over the flat Swiss roll cut loin) like butter on bread.
3 again! – Dot little dollops of apricot jam all over the cream cheese – tiny like you baby finger nail.
4. Layer all the vegies – basil last so that it seeps in – Sprinkle salt and pepper and other seasonings
5. Drizzle a little honey over the top basil leaves –
6. Drink more – If you had A. then use the second piece as the hat – seal the edges by sewing it with tooth picks all the way around – or use string – which ever. If you had B. then roll it up like a Swiss roll – wrap string around and secure.
7. Squeeze one lemon over the top, season again, drizzle balsamic glaze and honey – put 3 thin slices of lemon on the top
8. Pop it in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 mins – reduce to 350 and leave for 45 – 50 mins

Source: Ray Kieran – Out of her head!