Sean’s Keto Ham and egg cups


These are super keto meals for either a quick breakfast that last hours, a snack for those busy days or a I’m not really hungry meal (a regular keto benefit, so you just have 1 or two cups to fill a void when you don’t feel like an entire meal!)

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Sean’s No potato Rosti with bacon, mushrooms and green onion


Traditional Rosti means grated potato pressed into pancake – like shape and fried. Substituting with shredded cabbage changes it to a powerhouse keto meal and doesn’t disappoint on flavour.
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Melanie’s Sago Pudding


My domestic was cleaning my cupboards yesterday when she came across the Sago pudding and asked me when I was going to make it again because “it was so very, very nice”. So I told her she can make it herself.
I had her get all the ingredients out with measuring utensils and stood and supervised. She was very thrilled and I let her take half of it home. Continue reading